North West Beach

With seawaters wandered by enchanting dolphins and whales, and spectacular beaches sprinkled with fishing boats and catamarans, the region of North West Beach revolving around towns of Negombo and Kalpitiya, is full of surprises for every traveller. Negombo’s popular attraction, the Negombo Lagoon inclusive of a wetland sanctuary, has spectacularly diverse ecosystem. With a fascinating fishing industry, the town is also home to the island´s second-largest fish market. Kalpitiya is home to an exquisite marine sanctuary considered among the few pristine coral reef systems in Sri Lanka. Regular sightings of whales and dolphins in its coastal waters have given rise to Kalpitiya being a prime whale and dolphin watching destination.


  • The long stretch of Negombo beach is ideal for sunbathing in the warm rays or for a lovely sunset stroll
  • Home to numerous dome shaped corals in Negombo, one can explore the fascinating aquatic life that exist below the waters
  • With majestic mangroves swamps, Negombo Lagoon is home to a spectacular biodiversity of flora and fauna and rich aquatic ecosystem
  • Muthurajawela wetlands, part of the lagoon is a magnificent urban sanctuary and the largest saline coastal bog in Sri Lanka
  • A boat ride along the remarkable Dutch Canal running through Negombo gives views to broad walkways, majestic trees and fishermen
  • The continental shelf of Kalpitiya is close to the shoreline making it the ultimate destination for whale and dolphin watching
  • The Bar Reef in Kalpitiya is Sri Lanka’s largest coral reefs system which can be explored by diving and snorkelling
  • Kalpitiya, the leading spot for Kite surfing in Sri Lanka, embraces the best conditions for the sport in tropical waters
  • With gorgeous sand dunes and exquisite marine life, Kalpitiya is home to some of the finest beaches on the island
  • The Kalpitiya lagoon and coast are habitats for many resident and migratory birds, an ideal destination for bird watching

Destination Map