Negombo City Tour

This tour will cover the best places to visit in the coastal town of Negombo. There are many things to see in Negombo which include the Negombo Lagoon, the fish market and more. Despite it being a popular beach destination, there is significant history behind the town.


  • Visit the Negombo Lagoon that is rich in biodiversity and one of the main highlights in Negombo
  • Visit the fish market where you will see various types of fresh seafood that has been caught
  • Have some of the fresh seafood from the fish market for lunch
  • Relax and take in the peaceful atmosphere at the Negombo beach
  • Capture the beautiful sunset in the evening


A city tour covering all the major attractions and places to visit in Negombo such as the Negombo Fish Market, Negombo Lagoon, Hamilton Dutch Canal and more.
We would pick you up from your hotel in Negombo at 9am. If you are based in Colombo, you would be picked up at 8am to reach Negombo by 9am for the commencement of the tour.
The tour would begin with a visit to the Negombo ‘Lellama’ Fish Market, the second largest market in the country. See fresh daily catch of different types of fish and seafood. Choose what you would like to be cooked for you for lunch. The purchased items will be sent through the guide to the restaurant where you would be having lunch and it can be prepared according to your preferences.
Thereafter, experience a canoe ride along the Hamilton Dutch Canal that cruises through the town of Negombo. Explore views of broad walkways, majestic trees and local fisherman working on their boats and nets which are reflections of daily life in Negombo.
Next place of visit would be the Negombo Lagoon which is the main landmark of Negombo. It is rich in biodiversity of plants and animals and aquatic ecosystem. Explore its beauty via a local catamaran that would take you through swamps of mangroves and the Muthurajawela wetlands which is part of the lagoon. You would see many birds and fishermen fishing along the lagoon.
Stop for lunch at a local restaurant where your seafood you have purchased would be served.
After lunch, you would visit St. Mary’s Church, one of the largest churches in Sri Lanka. Embrace its neoclassic style of beautiful and extraordinary European art and architecture stemming from the colonial eras.
Thereafter, reflect to a piece of colonial history by a visit to the Negombo Dutch Fort. Originally built by the Portuguese in a pentagonal style, today you would notice its eastern bastion with mounds at its northern and southern ends that still remains.
Relax on the Negombo beach with tea for a few hours till sunset, a breathtaking sight to be captured for memories.
Return to your hotel.