Steady waves, less crowded beaches – Surf’s Up so head over to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been a popular destination for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing in many locations all around its coastlines. It has pride in hosting one of the world’s best surfing spots in Arugam Bay. The other perfect surfing spots are the beaches in Mirissa, Weligama and Hikkaduwa. There are secret spots in Ahangama and Yala where the crowds are lesser. Since the 1960s, Sri Lanka has attracted surfers from all over the globe. The surf season in the south is from November to April and in the east it is from May to October. Of course there are good swells off season if you are willing to take the chance.
Arugam Bay – Where surfing comes alive and is Sri Lanka’s stepping stone on the Indian Ocean trail for a long time. It is the most escapist and renowned surfing locations in the world even though Arugam is just a small fishing village on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The glittering waters surround sweeping soft golden sands with thrilling wave swells and long consistent breaks along with epic sunsets; making it every surfer’s paradise. The spectacular scenery, amazing coral reefs, loads of tropical fish, bird and wildlife, mangroves and jungles, give an ambience of exotica.
The surfers will come across many points on the stretch of beach that is frequented by surfers from around the world from April to October. The Main Point is one of the main surfing areas of the bay. Different breaks in the area incorporate Pottuvil Point and Whiskey Point towards the north, and Elephant Rock, Peanut Farm and Okanda towards the south of Arugam Bay.

Surfing in Mirissa is hugely popular, for its pristine beaches and turquoise and gorgeous waves that are perfect for surfing. When it comes to the surfing points, there is the Mirissa Bay Surf Point and Mirissa Left. A lot of professional and amateur surfers come to Mirissa just for surfing, so it certainly precedes its name. The best time would be during the months of November to March, when it is the rainy season in the East coast.
The Hikkaduwa beach is the 2nd best spot for surfing in Sri Lanka with its waves ranging from 4 feet to 11 feet. The best time for surfing is during the months from November to March (the dry season) and there are four major breaks. This youthful town has a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants with surf shops that sell or rent surf boards and other surf gear.

Weligama – this is the perfect spot in Sri Lanka for all you novice surfers to catch your first waves and learn how to surf. Since there aren’t many people around during the low season, beginner surfers can learn in peace and quiet. Since these surf spots aren’t overcrowded like Arugam Bay and since there are great waves for surfers, Weligama is the best place for both novice and advanced surfers. Advanced surfers can surf near the coral reef called Gurubebila. There is no need to worry about surfboards because there are many places along the shore that rent out surfboards.

Since Sri Lanka is a tropical island, it has weather that is favourable all year around for windsurfing. Windsurfers do not need protective gear against the cold winds on the beaches although they would need plenty of sun lotion to protect their skin against the strong sun. There are many places that would suit any level of windsurfing from the beginners to the professionals. The calm waters of the Bentota river or any of the coastal lagoons give opportunities to the beginners who are afraid to try in the seas. Popular beaches for windsurfing are in Bentota, Hikkaduwa, and Tangalle.

There is an array of windsurfing facilities on offer in Bentota, attracting amateurs and professionals from all over the country and world. The Bentota lagoon and river enable beginners to learn the techniques of windsurfing. The best time to visit Bentota for windsurfing would be from the months November to April. Windsurfing centres and schools are available to assist you.


If you are seeking for that adrenaline rush then head over to Kalpitiya, for it is the leading spot for Kite-surfing in Sri Lanka and embraces the best conditions for the sport in tropical waters. The kite surfing season is from May to October. Kite-surfing is epic and considered to be an extreme sport with required training up to three days. Two kite-surfing stretches lay in Kalpitiya; one is the Wellai Island, and the other is a long narrow sandy route on the west end of the Kalpitiya lagoon. On either side of this sandy stretch lie the lagoon and the beach. Surfers have ample playground to experience both free rides and wave riding owing to the availability of a flat lagoon and the Indian Ocean. The wind-proof flat water lagoon is ideal for beginners.
Mannar has been the most recently discovered destination for kite surfing and kite boarding in Sri Lanka. It includes part of Adam’s Bridge which is a 50 kilometre chain of sand bars, islets and causeways that almost connects Sri Lanka to India. There are endless flat waters with pristine nature along with the strongest and most consistent wind in the entire island. The sandy beaches and lagoons offer great riding conditions for all levels of kite surfing.