Jaffna and the North

A hugely significant region steeped in rich Hindu-Tamil history and culture, Jaffna and the North is bursting with tradition and colour. Multicoloured temples, lusciously green palms, friendly Tamil people, welcome travellers and tourists into their lives with positivity and curiosity. Due to a 30 year long civil war, it was a closed destination and has risen from the ashes to be an exceptional region with a uniqueness that sets it apart from the rest of the island. Jaffna, Delft Island and Mannar are certainly the hub of the vibrant Tamil culture in Sri Lanka yet blended with the colonial charm from a bygone era.


  • Visit the sacred Nallur Kandasamy Kovil and other historical places that define Jaffna as an identity of its own
  • Stroll along Jaffna town and busy market full of colour and eat authentic Jaffna Crab
  • Watch many birds flock the lagoon and the causeway especially the pink flamingos
  • Witness a piece of colonial history by visiting the Mannar Fort and see the largest and rare Baobab tree
  • Get a glimpse of donkeys that roam freely in the streets and watch birds in beautiful places of Mannar
  • Visit Adam’s Bridge and see how close India is from the pier and its a kite surfing hotspot
  • Visit the forgotten island of Delft and see its unique beauty full of limestone and coral
  • Watch wild horses roam freely in the open plains
  • Witness a giant footprint set in stone that is tied to myth and legend

Destination Map