Sri Lanka Wildlife

Sri Lanka is blessed to be home to the largest mammal on earth, the Elephant and the largest mammal in the ocean, the Blue Whale, therefore it is an island sanctified with multifarious wildlife, never failing to surprise the wildlife safari lover seeking the best safari experiences in Sri Lanka. Having species that range from thousands of tropical and migratory birds to striking leopards, spotted deer, majestic elephants, marine mammals and more, one gets to experience many safaris in varied landscapes in Sri Lanka’s many National Parks and Nature reserves. There are many safari lodges and camps which have been established all over Sri Lanka. They cover large areas of terrains of varied topography stretching from Wilpattu National Park in the north to the south at Yala National Park with several parks along the way. This gives you opportunities to witness many of the 102 species of mammals in their natural habitats of which there are 90 native species and 14 of these are endemic.

Why not grab a chance to see the wildlife phenomenon known as the “Elephant Gathering?” Minneriya, Kaudulla and Wasgamuwa National Parks are famed for a number of elephants, thus they form the Elephant corridor where this spectacle of up to 300 elephants may be seen gathering for a drink at the tank in the evenings which generally takes place during a period of two months that fall between July-October every year. This is indeed an extraordinary elephant safari in Sri Lanka.

Get a glimpse of a mighty leopard at Yala National Park or see deer at Horton Plains National Park? Yala National Park is the most visited National Park in Sri Lanka and as reported by BBC’s Paul Willliams in 2014, it has the highest density of Leopards anywhere in the world, with the biggest leopard being from Sri Lanka who was named as one-eyed Ivan.

Do you want to see a Sloth Bear? If so, head over to Yala or Wilpattu National Parks during “palu season”, where sweet local berries that draws sloth bears from their lazy slumber during April – July every year. Wilpattu National Park is also famed for its beautiful ‘willus’ which are natural water lakes that give a beauty of a difference to the landscape. The Bundala National Park is internationally known for being home to migratory water birds in Sri Lanka of which Flamingos are a highlight.

Camps set up in the jungles of the national parks are yet to be fully discovered with utmost value. Tented safari camping is a perfect experience to relish the spectacle of the country from many spots for wildlife safari camps since you can observe surroundings at its best in all the diversity around whether it is flora, fauna, bird watching or simply inhaling the freshness of pure nature.

Aquatic wildlife is aplenty with many pods of dolphins and whales popping above the waters off the coasts around Sri Lanka. A plethora of marine turtles and tropical fish are found along the shores and amongst coral reefs around the coasts.

EPIC Sri Lanka Holidays offers several wildlife tours and excursions which take you to Sri Lanka’s main wildlife destinations. You can enjoy getting close to the animals and birds and photograph them in their natural environment. As you embark on your Sri Lanka safari tour you would encounter stunning scenery. These tours can be amended according to your preferences if you contact our tour consultants who will be pleased to assist you on planning the best safari in Sri Lanka.