Day Trip To Munneswaram Temple

The Munneswaram temple is a very important Hindu temple and is associated with the famous Indian myths and stories about Ramayana and its King Rama who was considered to be a hero. It is a very prestigious temple that is popular with Buddhists and Christians.



  • This temple has been in existence since 1000 CE.
  • It is a very popular temple, and is not exclusively for Hindu’s, but a lot of Buddhists and Christians visit as well
  • There are many inscriptions and sculptures found in the temple
  • Learn about the important history behind the temple and its origin


A day trip to the Munnaswaram temple which is a very prominent temple for the Hindus is well worth the visit. This temple has been in existence in 1000 CE, and there are many tales that circle around this temple – mainly correlating with Ramayana and the king Rama. Once you make your way inside the temple you will see the intricately designed sculptures and the inscriptions that are attached to the temple. The temple represents the unity between the Buddhists and the Hindus as the country is majority Buddhists. It is even very popular amongst Catholics. Spend the day learning about the highly significant history about the kovil and how it still stands tall to this day.
You may also combine the visit to the Manavari temple which is 5 km away from the Munnaswaram temple.