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Bentota, is every water lover’s dream. Boasting beautiful beaches for ultimate relaxation, it is also home for adrenaline junkies seeking thrill and fun above the water since Bentota is the water sports capital of Sri Lanka.


  • Bentota Beach is a long expanse of golden soft sands with tranquil seas which is perfect for the ideal beach relaxation
  • Popular for water sports such as jet skiing, banana boat and tube rides and more
  • The Lunuganga Estate, Geoffrey Bawa’s iconic country home, a must place to visit to witness his styles of tropical architecture
  • Apart from water sports, Bentota has plenty of diving and snorkelling activities which are popular around its Barberyn Reef
  • Enjoy a river cruise through mangroves along Bentota River and see many birds and other wildlife
  • Enjoy a scenic walking trail across picturesque paddy fields and see the ancient Hindu shrine ‘Katukoliha temple’ of 125 years
  • Cycling in Bentota is a great experience in learning Sri Lankan culture and people, especially the village life


Bentota is a sandy, densely populated coastal town that is one of the trendy places both locals and tourists visit, all year round.

It is located approximately 64 km away from the congested city of Colombo, and can take around one or two hours by driving. The distance between the airport and Bentota is 85 km, and will take around 4 hours to reach there.

Overtime, Bentota has become a hotspot for heaps of tourists coming to Sri Lanka for their summer vacations which consist of relaxing and sunbathing by the beach, soaking up the sound of the waves crashing close by. Bentota beach is the main destination where everything happens – whether it may be for loosening up or taking part in a host of different water sport activities that include jet-skiing, windsurfing and wakeboarding. Snorkeling and paddle-boarding are popular, too.
Amidst the palm trees and dazzling turquoise waters, Bentota is definitely an unforgettable experience and filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Sri Lanka would not be the way it is now if not for the most influential Asian architects of the 19th century, the late Geoffrey Bawa (1919-2003) the man behind most of the top hotels and buildings in the country. He is especially known for the principal force of ‘Tropical Modernism’ which was combining ancient structures with modern techniques. Upcoming architects look up to him for their inspiration, and he is the perfect role model for the future generations here and around the world that can learn so much from his work and legacy.

How to Get There

From Colombo to Bentota
By Car – It can take around one or two hours to reach Bentota from Colombo by car, which Epic Sri Lanka Holidays can arrange for you.

By Train – When travelling by train, you can take one from the station in Fort, Colombo which will take approximately an hour to arrive at the station in Aluthgama – 2 km away from Bentota.

From Galle to Bentota
By Car – Driving from Galle to Bentota will take around 1 hour, 9 minutes to reach.

From Kandy to Bentota
By Train – Taking the train to Bentota from Kandy will take roughly 4 hours to reach.

By Car – Driving from Kandy to Bentota will be around 2 hours, 43 minutes.

From Katunayake Airport to Bentota
When travelling to Bentota directly from the airport it will take 1 hour, 52 minutes via the southern expressway highway.
Or staying overnight in Negombo and travelling from there to Bentota is approximately 2 hours via the southern expressway highway.

Bentota has a tropical climate, with monsoon winds. It is very hot 30˘ during the day. The southwest monsoon season is from mid May to October. Temperatures can fall during the night to 20˘ but it is still humid. May is the wettest month, so it is best to avoid coming during this month. January is the driest month.

Food and Drink
When it comes to food, tourists are spoilt for choice as there is a great deal of restaurants in the vicinity. Seafood is certainly the main focus in coastal destinations, and it is fresh and of high quality.

Malli’s Seafood Restaurant – Situated on beach road, Malli’s seafood restaurant is one of the many other restaurants that offer seafood on the coast of Bentota, as well as multi cuisine. Dishes are fairly priced. They are known for their fresh lobster straight from the Indian Ocean, which a substantial amount of people recommend. They feature a tuna steak that is made with fresh tuna which is grilled to perfection and explodes with flavor.

The Golden Grill Restaurant – The restaurant is stationed away from the main road and the noise, and offers a large-scale variety of dishes to choose from – it may be eastern or western cuisines. They feature the traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry, but there are pastas and sandwiches additionally. Seafood is one of the main highlights at the restaurant, as well. The price range can be a little bit higher than most places close by, yet it is worth the splurge on an enjoyable meal.


Bentota Beach – Bentota, the most famous beach resort of Sri Lanka is home to a lovely continuation of calm rounded bays, assisted by the Bentota River and lagoon. Therefore, stretching kilometres down south of Bentota are its beaches; bordered by swaying lush green palm trees, this beautiful expanse of beach is calm and serene with soft golden sands and blue waters.

Water Sports in Bentota – Renowned as the water sports capital of Sri Lanka, Bentota has plenty of water sports centres that offer all related activites such as Jet Skiing, Banana boats/Tube rides and more

Diving and Snorkelling in Bentota – a popular activity under the sea exploring Sri Lanka’s deep waters among corals, marine life and submerged shipwrecks. Many diving academics are available for diving lessons for every beginner keen to indulge in this thrilling activity.

Windsurfing in Bentota – There is an array of windsurfing facilities featured in bentota, attracting amateurs and professionals from all over the country and world. The best time to attempt it would be from the months November to April in terms of weather conditions

The Lunuganga Estate – After the exposure of the brief garden, Geoffrey Bawa decided to take matters into his hands and do his own version. The results were obviously spectacular – which is justified since it’s the work of one of the most influential architects in the country. The Lunuganga Estate is a very secluded, intimate area which is definitely a work of art.

Bentota River Cruise – Navigate your way through the Bentota River, which is the third largest in the country – as a typical village experience awaits you. Weave through the mangroves and you’ll definitely spot a couple of water monitors and delightful species of birds in their natural habitat – a welcome change from the routine beaches.

Walking Trail – Katukohila – Enjoy a scenic walking trail across picturesque paddy fields, the ancient prominent Hindu shrine ‘Katukoliha temple’ of 125 years with its ‘Dagoba’ located at the highest point of elevation. During the course of your journey, you will come across the stunning mural painting inscribed on the walls of ‘Mullegoda temple’ and turquoise waters of ‘Dedduwa Lake.’

Cycling in Bentota – Cycling in Bentota is a great experience of Sri Lankan culture and people. Cycle through the countryside of Bentota, through paddy fields, and along your journey you can visit the ‘Kande Viharaya’ Buddhist temple, a fisherman village and other scenic places during the tour.