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A large sprightly city that embraces an endearing synthesis of past, present and future – the pulsating metropolis of Colombo serves as the commercial hub and financial capital of Sri Lanka. The city is an enthralling concoction of innovation, street-culture, fashion, urbane art and antiquity, that savours its rich history whilst simultaneously evolving in pace with the contemporary world.


  • Colombo was originally known as ‘Kolomthota’ and stood as the key seaport of Kotte
  • The eclectic city of Colombo serves as the commercial hub and financial capital of Sri Lanka
  • An enchanting blend of novelty, street-culture, fashion, urbane art and rich history, ingredients that makes Colombo a place of magnificence
  • Colombo is currently the largest and most developed city of Sri Lanka and holds the largest population on the island
  • From ancient times, Colombo’s natural harbour attracted numerous traders and conquerors from Indian Kings, Arab merchants to Colonial imperialists
  • The city houses a mix of architectural styles – old and new, from modern skyscrapers to old colonial edifices
  • The city also includes many prominent landmarks such as Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park, National Museum in Colombo, Independence Square
  • Colombo has also evolved into a celebrated fashion destination in the island
  • Colombo is dotted with a number of religious sites that are symbolic of the island’s multi-ethnic heritage
  • The lively streets and markets, brimming with colourful assortments of fruits, vegetables, vivid fabrics, sweet-smelling spices, scrumptious street-food and more
  • Eating in Colombo is sensational with experiences reflecting the city’s swelling diversity; an exquisite blend of aromas, flavours and ambiences
  • Famed for scrumptious seafood restaurants, street food especially at night; Colombo comes to life bursting with flavour and joy