Tuk Tuk Rides

To experience Colombo like a proper local, hop into one of Colombo’s most famous tuk tuks and you are definitely in for a ride. With deep quotes, bright colours, random pictures of babies, scenery and what not- it is truly an authentic Colombo experience.


  • Travelling in Tuk Tuk is definitely  a fun and memorable experience
  • You have the opportunity of seeing and hearing all the sights and sounds around you
  • Whiz through the streets of Colombo with ease and feel the wind in your face
  • It is the safest mode of transport in the country and commonly used by everyone
  • They all have wise, deep quotes and pictures of cute babies – even pictures of scenery, something you’d never find anywhere else
  • It is definitely one of the best authentic experiences in Colombo


Most tuk tuk drivers speak or understand English to your convenience, so there is nothing to worry about when trying to communicate your way through. Tuk tuks are found in almost every look and corner, and they are always happy and willing to offer you a ride so don’t feel shy to flag one of them down to get your attention.

Routing through the streets of Colombo in a tuk tuk, is probably the most convenient ways of getting around as it is one good way of dodging the people, bikes, lorries, buses and even other tuk tuks. Hold tight, because it is just like navigating your way through a video game- but do not worry, it is safe and also the most commonly used form of transportation around the country.

In a tuk tuk, it is easy to get around Colombo if you wish to combine your day with lots of sight-seeing from the passenger seat, if you do not want to walk the streets of Colombo. You can hop-in and hop-off so easily, that your tuk tuk driver will stop anywhere you want them too so you can visit numerous locations such as the Colombo Fort, the Red Mosque, the Dutch hospital and so on. Most importantly, do not forget to get a quick Insta shot or snap story to capture the excitingly-hectic experience!