Pettah Walking Tour

Pettah in the old district of Colombo, is a a street market and wholesalers hub that symbolises beautiful chaos. The area is one of the most crowded in Colombo from Monday to Saturday. The streets of Pettah are certainly not for the fainthearted; and people either love Pettah or hate it.

The tour is a half day in Pettah taking you through an eclectic experience of different cultures, the top landmarks of the area and of course plenty of time for shopping and bargain hunting.



  • Walk past the Colombo Fort and some of its proud colonial landmarks on your way to Pettah
  • Visit Main street and take in its beauty and chaos
  • Stop to explore the Dutch museum, Wolvendall Church and the Red Mosque
  • Be shown around main street, its parallel streets and cross streets, each known for a different class of goods
  • Try some street food and drink if you will

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Drive past the Dutch hospital of Colombo Fort, and some of the other landmarks of the area such as the Cargills building, the Chatham street arcade, St’ Peter’s church of the portuguese era and the Kahn Clock tower.

Weave through the busy streets of Pettah, dodging nattamus bent in half carrying loads on their backs or wheeling them on carts.  This multi-ethnic Pettah district has shops starting from Olcott Mawatha to the main street and beyond. You may buy anything from clothing, fabric, electronic items and even gold jewellery in Pettah for bargain prices. The network of streets stemming from Main street, each carry a specific category of goods.

Visit the Dutch museum, the Wolvendall Church and the famed Red mosque and enjoy your time for exploration after you have been briefed of the significance of these iconic buildings.

Stop at the Grand Oriental Hotel, Sri Lanka’s first hotel for lunch.


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