Independence Square Colombo

The Independence Square is one of the most vital and historical monuments in the city of Colombo. It was built to commemorate the country’s independence in 1948. Bordered by a sprawling recreational park with manicured lawns, it is a popular attraction among families, friends and the keen joggers who spend their time at leisure.


  • It was constructed in commemoration of Sri Lanka’s independence in 1948
  • It is a very popular tourist attraction
  • Since there is quite a lot of space it is used for jogging and exercise
  • The memorial hall has been intricately carved
  • The statue lions seated around the hall are used for memorial functions


The Independence Square is one the best places to relax in Colombo. It is located in the affluent Cinnamon Gardens district in Colombo. It serves as a monument, a park and a walking area as well. There is a memorial hall, the memorial museum, a vast green lawn and the Arcade. The Independence Memorial Hall was constructed in the year 1948 in order to commemorate our independence from the British rule. The Memorial Hall is an open sided hall with beautifully carved cement columns and a shapely tiled roof. Statues of seated lions surround this hall which is used for ceremonial functions. The structure of this hall bears close resemblance to the Magul Maduwa of the last Kandyan Kingdom. Towards the inner end of the Memorial Hall is the Memorial Museum. This museum consists of stone busts of all the people who fought valiantly for our country’s independence. The Independence Square also happens to be a great place to exercise in. The walkways and the garden around the Independent Square attract cyclists, joggers and all those who wish to get some exercise. The Arcade is located a hop away from the Independence Square. At the Arcade you could either shop till you drop or grab a bite at one of the many restaurants.