Mirissa Beach

Mirissa beach, a beautiful stretch of golden shore along the southern coast of the island, hosting a perfect combination of sun, sand and sea, lined with palm trees, crystal blue waters and little restaurants and beach huts, this beach has emerged as a surfing hotspot whilst being the ultimate whale watching destination of Sri Lanka.


  • Mirissa beach has perfect waves for surfing
  • A clean, beautiful beach encircled by little restaurants that give a serene atmosphere


Mirissa beach, simply beautiful. Calm waters in shades of blue and green. Clean sands along the shore lined with palm trees, little restaurants and beach huts, a perfect spot for an ideal beach escape.

Relax by the beach, dip into the blue waters for a refreshing swim, sip cocktails whilst lounging on sun beds and gaze out at sea, perhaps catch that spectacular sunset breaking the sky into a spectrum of colours.

With gentle and high swells, Mirissa beach has evolved into a hotspot for surfing. Beginners and intermediate surfers can rent surf boards from several beach huts along the shore. The waters around the reef, rich with exotic marine life and stunning corals make diving and snorkelling an exciting experience. Climb over Parrot rock that sits in between the beaches, and enthral in the breathtaking views of the ocean and sunsets.

Mirissa beach, a magnet for many visitors due to its whale watching season from October to April, is the popular choice of beach destination to stay and venture out to sea near Dondra point, in hope of spotting the elusive Blue whale among other whales that come up to the surface. Of course, see acrobatic dolphins popping up above and diving in.

During your beach stay, stroll to coconut tree hill, the insta-famous spot that attracted many a visitor through Instagram. This secluded spot encircled by palm trees gives stunning views of the ocean and sunset in the background, making for picture perfect captures sealing memories of your epic holiday in Sri Lanka.