Surfing in Mirissa

The gorgeous beach of Mirissa has great waves perfect for surfing. It has a point reef break which is ideal for intermediate surfing. The specialty about Mirissa is that its waves are hardly affected by onshore wind due to the point being located in between rocks and a hill.


  • You can surf a low power right-hander over reef break near the rocks and a left-hander near the Mirissa harbour
  • Ideal waves at the beach break point for beginner surfing and boogie boarding
  • Quieter atmosphere and less crowded
  • The best time for surfing in Mirissa would be during the months of November to March


Surfing in Mirissa is increasingly popular for its pristine beaches and turquoise blue waters with gorgeous waves that are perfect for surfing and other water-based activities, as well. When it comes to the surfing points, there is Point reef break and Beach break. Many professional and amateur surfers come to Mirissa just for surfing, so it certainly precedes its name.

The surf spot can be found on the right end of the beach where it is lined with many restaurants and accommodation units. You can paddle to the line up through an existing channel but since it is a reef break point, you need not go to the last line up to catch waves for there are many inside waves. Go around the big rock for the easiest way to get in. It is an easy wave but you should build up speed to pass all the areas. It is a thrilling swell when the waves reach 4 feet. Mirissa also has a beach break ideal for beginners and boogy boarding.

The best time would be during the months of November to March, when it is the rainy season in the East coast.