The Dondra Head Lighthouse

One of the iconic historical landmarks in the southern district would be the Dondra Head Lighthouse, located on the southern most tip of the island. It is a white octagonal brick tower with a height of 161m and is one of the oldest kept lighthouses.


  • One of the most popular historical landmarks in Mirissa
  • The view is fantastic as you get a view of the crystal clear ocean and a panoramic view of the bay of Matara lined with palm trees
  • It is one of the oldest kept lighthouses within the island


The next place on the list is the Dondra Lighthouse, when translated means ‘City of Gods’. The lighthouse is located at the southernmost point in Matara. It is one of the oldest kept lighthouses, and it is perfect for tourists who love lighthouses. There is the option of climbing up to the top to get the full view of the surroundings. There are some huge palm trees with king coconut on its branches. The lighthouse was designed by Sir James Nicholas Douglas, constructed by William Douglas of Imperial Lighthouse Service which started in 1887 November. The construction of the lighthouse was finished during the month of March in 1890. The total cost of the lighthouse was 30,000 European pounds which was settled by collecting dues at the Basses lighthouses. There are 7 floors, 161 feet high, being one of Sri Lanka’s tallest lighthouses, and 196 steps to reach to the top.