Yoga and Ayurveda in the South

Looking for an escape to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise your body, mind and soul whilst you spend your days on the beach along the southern coast of Sri Lanka? Need not worry, this coastal belt brims with many hotels and retreats offering arrays of excellent treatments for the ultimate holistic experience in Yoga and Ayurveda.


  • Tri in Koggala apart from Ayurveda, hosts best practices of Yoga with special classes in a stylish and captivating environment
  • Talalla retreat has authentic Ayurvedic treatment which includes a modern version of the Shirodhara treatment together with Yoga, pilates and boxilates
  • Soul and Surf is where meditation, yoga and people are all brought together in a harmonious way along with unforgettable experiences


Yoga is currently one of the most recognized practices for the mind, body and soul – it’s one of the best ways to relax physically and mentally along with a full stream of benefits. It’s practiced across the island in diverse ways with various techniques and approaches.
Most hotels have their own spa facilities, however if you are looking for a spa vacation we are able to recommend Tri Lanka, Soul and Surf and Talalla Yoga.
Tri Lanka is located in Koggala – 44 minutes away from Galle which is very convenient. This is where you will get a proper experience that centres around yoga and spa treatments. The person behind everything is Lara Drummond – the co-founder of Tri and founder of quantum yoga. With a combination of nurturing treatments, a library full of books and yoga Tri is definitely the place to be.
There are resort classes and private tuition with varying prices, the private tuition is generally held for 1 hour. Wellness at Tri is on a whole other level for many reasons, the first one being it is the epitome of relaxation and soothing at the same time. The treatment rooms comprise of everything natural and tranquil which is easily the best combination. There are experts on various therapies and Ayurvedic treatments that will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed and rejuvenated.
Another yoga retreat is Talalla Yoga and surf retreat, where wellness is their number one priority and a series of Yoga, Pilates and boxilates workshop and classes are held daily. With three custom built yoga pavilions and an Ayurvedic spa, there is quite a lot of space to stretch and comfortably feel at peace overlooking endless treetops. The environment is entirely natural and tranquil – two very important things for yoga and spa treatments.
For the ultimate Sri Lankan spa experience, your face, hands and feet will be lathered with local preparations that consist of milk, papaya, honey and sandalwood. Ayurvedic treatments that have stemmed down from a centuries old practice are offered – like the Shirodhara treatment, but they’ve added a modern twist to it. A mixture of pure herbal oils is used to gently relax all the muscle tensions, cleanse your internal systems and balance the energy centre of the body.
Lastly, Soul and Surf is where meditation, yoga and people are all brought together in a harmonious way along with unforgettable experiences. There are different types of yoga practices that are done and conducted by a professional and experienced teacher to guide you. Aside from that, there are treatments and packages that are all vigorous and focus on releasing muscle pain and tension. You will feel a deep sense of peacefulness and relaxation – as well as increased body awareness.