Whale Watching in Mirissa

Looking for a whale of a time? Mirissa is the ultimate destination of Sri Lanka for whale and dolphin watching – an excursion that has taken the world by storm. Venture out to the deep sea by boat off the shores of Mirissa, a place closest to Dondra point which is near to the continental shelf, where the migration path of whales and dolphins are found.



  • Mirissa is closest to the continental shelf at Dondra point which is on the migration path of whales and dolphins
  • Spot the unique breed of blue whales – the largest mammal of the ocean
  • Sperm whales, killer and pilot whales are species can be spotted
  • Enjoy a spectacle of dancing dolphins that pop up and dive, showing off for you
  • In addition of exciting sights of whales and dolphins, encounter views of stunning sunrises


Experience the world of whale and dolphin watching, an excursion that has taken the world by storm. Mirissa is the ultimate whale watching destination of Sri Lanka for it is closest to Dondra point which is close to the migration path of whales and dolphins from Africa to Australia. Be lucky to spot the evasive Blue Whale, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The migration season begins from December to April, where pods of dolphins and whales can be seen. Various types of whales can be spotted such as sperm whales, killer whales, pilot whales and of course the Blue Whale. Sri Lanka is one of the singular areas for blue whale sightings.

The blue whale is the largest mammal of the ocean. Named after its skin being blue-gray in colour, these marine giants are enormous with a length of maximum 30 metres and weigh 200 tons.

The largest toothed whale is the sperm whale, which has an average length of about 16 meters. It has unique features; with the head being one-thirds larger than the body, blunt and asymmetrical with a blow hole being on the left side and its brain is the largest, weighing around 9 kg.

Dolphins pop up and dive, giving acrobatic shows surely to entertain you. Such species of common dolphins, bottlenose, spinners, risso’s and striped dolphins can be seen.

The whale watching season commences from November to April. Over a thousand boats are operated daily, starting very early in the morning, of which some depart in time to catch the beautiful sunrise that casts stunning rays over the ocean and with whales and dolphin sightings, it is certainly a picture worthy spectacle.

During these months the ocean is warmer and calmer than the rest of the year which makes the boat trips much safer thus enjoyable although rare sightings of whales can be encountered during the off season months of May to October, it is not recommended for the sea is rougher and unpredictable weather can affect the experience.

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