Secret Beach

An exclusive strip of beach located in Mirissa, the ‘Secret Beach’ isn’t exactly a secret, but it is the preferred option over the main Mirissa beach which is gotten very crowded and commercialized over the last few years. It is pristine, private and absolutely beautiful – some would even call it a ‘Hidden Gem’, with the palm trees in the background it is definitely a tropical paradise.


  • Undisturbed and interrupted with peace and quiet for a relaxing holiday
  • Soak up the sun, the sand and the sea in this ‘hidden gem’
  • Enjoy stunning views of sunsets in the evenings


Capture a dozen pictures of the view surrounding you, especially during the colorful sunset in the evening, a mix of oranges and purples which is unforgettable.  However, it is a bit difficult to reach the beach, as it is not right off the main street and requires a twenty minute hike and a rocky cliff – but ultimately it is worth every minute once you see a somewhat empty beach. Feel refreshed once you take a rewarding dip in the ocean afterwards. There is a beach bar where you can get some food and drink that you can enjoy with friends or family.