Diving and Snorkelling in Mirissa

Mirissa, famous for whale watching, an amazing place to enjoy its beach but offers adventure too with diving and snorkelling such as scuba diving, reef diving, night diving, open water diving and deep diving.


  • Experience the different types of colourful marine life
  • There are six dive spots for incredible scuba diving
  • Experience different types of diving – night diving, reef diving and deep sea diving


Head over to Mirissa and explore the marvels of the underwater world. The sensation of being under the sea is definitely an unforgettable experience; a feel of swimming among fish. There is extraordinary aquatic life with stunning corals, varieties of tropical fish and more.
There are six dive spots for scuba diving which are:
Lopsta Point
A vast reef area in which the total to cover the entire spot would be approximately 40 mins. A depth of about 15 – 17 metres.
Napoleon Point
A very large rocky area which would take roughly 29 minutes and once you dive a depth of 25 – 27 metres you would reach the bottom.
Diyambagala Point
This is a much deeper point with a depth of 32 -37 metres. The dive would take around 30-35 minutes.
Godagala Point
For those who love different types of fish, this is the perfect spot to dive. Consisting of a large reef, the depth is almost deep as 17-23 metres and you would need about 40 minutes for complete exploration of this stunning spot.
Aththalaba Point
Another rocky reef area which is deep as 8-21 metres and you can practice multi-level diving if you are interested. You can explore the entire area within 29 minutes.
Reef Point
An extremely large reef area which would require at least 45 minutes to really scour the whole site. The depth is roughly 15-17 metres.
Trained guides will be provided to show you the dive spots and reefs. There is an array of options to choose from when it comes to diving academies and Epic Sri Lanka Holidays can assist you in arranging these activities.