Full Day Tour of Delft Island

This tour will cover the major highlights and best places to visit at the Delft Island, where you will see some unique sights and sounds. This is where you will see the infamous baobab trees, the Dutch fort and many more landmarks.


  • Visit some of the best landmarks in the Island, and experience new things
  • You will be taken to see the Baobab tree, which is a rare tree species
  • Spot the wild horses roaming around the Island, a lovely sight
  • Explore the island via tuk tuk, which is a fun experience


A full day tour of Delft Island, an off the beaten track excursion exploring all the best sights of this once forgotten island, such as its unique baobab trees, banyan tree, wild horses, Dutch fort and more.
The tour will begin with the ferry ride that starts at 9am; therefore you will be picked up from your stay in Jaffna to reach the pier on the northern coast.
Upon reaching Delft, you will explore the un-touristic island by tuk tuk with a local guide.
Most of the walls and little homes across Delft are made of coral and limestone which are spectacular and uncommon. See ruins of the Dutch fort which was built entirely with corals and limestone, however you can see its walls and pillars which remain.
See the uniqueness of the Baobab trees, one in particular with a giant trunk with a hollow entrance large enough for two big made people to enter together. Baobab trees are a rare species that is not native to Sri Lanka.
Witness the large and significant Banyan tree which is symbolic for its wide canopy that is 60 metres long and 30 metres wide thereby covering about 10 perches of land.
You will then see wild horses that roam freely along the terrains on the island. It is a legacy left behind by the Portuguese. It is a wonderful sight to see these horses grazing around.
The most striking building on the island is the Pigeon Cote which has attracted any viewer. Made out of coral stone with a solid base, it was used by messenger pigeons in the past.
Encounter the Growing stone which is an upright limestone coral that keeps growing in size. A phenomenon of its own that keeps attracting viewers since many regard this as a miracle.
Witness the Giant Footprint which is wrapped in myth and legend. A footprint which is approximately a metre in length, engraved in stone, is believed to be the imprint of a legend such as Lord Buddha, Hanuman or Adam.
The tour ends with lunch in a local home.