Typical Local Lunch with Crab

Discover more of Delft Island with an encounter of a traditional meal hosted in a local home served with Sri Lanka’s signature Jaffna crab curry, bursting with fiery flavour and authenticity it will surely entail a delightful experience.


  • A homely meal served with authentic crab curry that originated from Jaffna
  • Jaffna crab curry is a signature dish of the north that has been relished many years
  • The crab is cooked in a traditional clay pot with spices that bring fire and life to your taste buds
  • Served with rice and condiments to complete a traditional meal
  • Interact with the locals and learn about their lives having been in isolation for decades


Delft Island may seem the forgotten land but of recent, it has emerged to be a land of rediscovery. Thanks to the end of a gruelling civil war, people started to visit the North of Sri Lanka which was closed off for 30 long years. However, due to many eager visitors keen to tour and explore mysterious Jaffna and the islands, Delft Island which is Needunthivu for locals was discovered. An island once inhabited by Portuguese has been left with stunning and unique ruins made of limestone and coral.
Once you explore the different extraordinary features of this island, it is imperative that one must encounter a typical lunch in a local home which would serve the northern favourite – Crab.
Inspired from influences of Jaffna inhabitants, this crab served would be a Jaffna crab curry which has been widely accepted as a typical Sri Lankan crab curry. Cooked in a claypot, being a local tradition, the curry is seasoned with Jaffna curry powder- an aromatic mix of fiery spices of whole red chillies, cumin, coriander, black pepper, dill seeds, turmeric and curry leaf; along with coconut milk, tamarind and salt. Few drumstick (murunga) leaves are added for that exquisite and unique flavour. This thick and delectable curry of scrumptious crab will be served with traditional rice and other condiments to complete your meal.
Eating crab maybe a tad bit clumsy or messy but well worth the try for its taste has become a brand of its own. You would connect with the locals and learn about their lives since they were in isolation for three decades, therefore they are ever so welcoming to guests visiting their home.