Nine Arches Bridge Ella

Nine Arches Bridge, a highlight of the mountainous town of Ella. A unique 30 metres high viaduct which is a colonial marvel of architecture and engineering. Its railway track, where the train from Kandy to Ella via Nuwara Eliya passes through, cruises through breathtaking panoramas of tea plantations, mist covered mountains, waterfalls and streams.


  • An engineering masterpiece by the British colonials using only cement and stone due to shortage of steel at the time
  • A walk along the bridge will make one feel they’re in the sky with just stunning scenery below your feet
  • Or stand below the bridge and look up seeing the sky through the arches
  • Visit during sunrise for a spectacular sighting of the light cutting across the bridge and surroundings
  • For the best view of this stunning marvel, visit in time to see a train passing through


Spanning 91 metres and 24 metres high, the architectural brilliance of Nine Arches Bridge stretches on the Demodara loop. The stunning nine arches generate a picturesque place surrounded by thick jungle and tea plantations.

Also titled, Bridge in the Sky, because when you stand below the bridge and look up you can see the sky through the nine arches. Almost a century old, it was constructed in 1921 amidst picturesque foliage of the Hill country, and stands as a specimen of railway construction during the British colonial epoch. Due to the shortage of steel during World War II, the bridge was constructed solely using cement and stone bricks.

The bridge is a tuk-tuk ride away from the town of Ella and is located between Ella and Demodara railway stations. Opt for a 20 minute walk through the jungle to the bridge which provides an adventurous experience.

Sunrise is a wonderful time to visit the bridge since the light of dawn across is nothing short of glorious. Also, it is less crowded which is ideal for great photography. Gather at the bridge an hour before a train is passing by which is a lovely spectacle; therefore it is essential to check the train schedules beforehand. However, it does require a great deal of caution to be on the bridge whilst a train is passing.

Its architectural brilliance and scenic surrounding has rendered it a favourite tourist hotspot.