Little Adam’s Peak

Little Adam’s Peak, in close resemblance to the main Adam’s Peak which is of sacred value to Sri Lanka, is one of the popular attractions of Ella. Giving hiking and trekking an adventure to cherish, for it yields beautiful views of tea plantations, misty mountains ending with spectacular sunrises.


  • One of the popular hiking and trekking hotspots in the country
  • It is a very sacred place and is named due to its similarity with Adam’s Peak where the sacred footprint of the Buddha lies, according to Buddhist history
  • Make your way through scenic tea plantations
  • Take in the view of the surrounding misty mountains once you get to the top
  • An ideal spot for the perfect photograph


It is named so due to its striking similarity to the sacred mountain Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada), where according to Sinhalese Buddhist tradition, lies the preserved and sacred footprint of Lord Buddha, instilled during one of his visits to Sri Lanka.

Little Adam’s Peak, also referred to as Mini Adam’s Peak, is another popular Ella hiking destination in the vicinity. The 1,141 metre peak is a relatively less demanding hike than that of Ella Rock. The hike takes you through boundless scenic tea plantations, taking only approximately 45 minutes to complete. The summit of Little Adam’s Peak is astounding with incredible 360 degree views of the misty mountains in the area and is best visited at dawn or dusk.

It is approximately 4 km from Ella Town and is considered one of the easiest hikes in area. Beginning from Ella Town,  towards Passara Road lies the foot of the rock, just passing Flower Garden Resort.