Upper Diyaluma Trek

Have you ever been swimming on top of a waterfall, let alone one with a 220 metre drop? No,then trek up to the Upper Diyaluma falls encountering several waterfalls and natural pools, an unimaginable experience. Diyaluma falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, therefore, it is a challenging hike yet well worth it once you reach the top.


  • Trekking to the top of upper Diyaluma falls journeys through diverse nature, several waterfalls and natural pools
  • Dare to swim in one of the many natural pools high above the waterfalls and be mesmerised by surrounding landscapes
  • The view from the top of the upper Diyaluma falls is breathtaking
  • There are two trail routes for this trek, either from above or from the foot of the Diyaluma falls
  • Either trek trail passes through a rubber estate in a quaint village which add more interest to your expedition
  • This adventurous experience is insta-famous with many beautiful pictures captivating the world


Experience the best of nature and adventure, trekking to the upper Diyaluma falls, the 2nd highest waterfall in the country. The latest thrill of Sri Lanka, it is an enthralling and challenging hike atop a 220 metre waterfall comprising several natural pools surrounded by dense jungles and landscapes of resplendent wilderness unfolding along the way.
There are two trail routes which include one that comes to the top of the falls from above or from the base of the waterfall.
Coming from above would require starting from Poonagala road, going downhill through tall grasslands with a faintly marked path. This hike would take approximately 30 minutes to reach the top of Diyaluma falls, where there are several natural rock pools towards the edge of the precipice. Once the falls reach the edge, it cascades into one last pool before gushing down 220 metres into the large base pool below. From this point, you hike up to the upper falls which is a further 15 minutes and along the way you would find more pools, especially towards the edge of the upper Diyaluma falls, you would come upon a spot worthy of a daring jump into the cool waters of the pool underneath. Upon reaching the top, you would be spellbound with stunning views of mountains and lush greenery.
Getting out of here would require a hike down the hill, passing through a quaint village of Koslanda which has a rubber estate, in which you could notice the entire process from rubber collection from the trees to the final product that are hung around to dry. Once you come out of the village, you will be back where you had started and you could choose to go to the base of the waterfalls for one last dip or one last photograph to seal your memories of this excursion to take back home.

Alternative route is hiking to the top from the foot of Diyaluma falls where there is a road leading to the trail which is unmarked so you would require some help from a local to guide you. The entrance is from the main road, in which you should take a turn left leading you through the rubber estate towards Koslanda village. Thereafter, there is a short hiking trail to the top passing through overgrown grassland. Once you reach the top, turn left on a path leading you down to the real top of Diyaluma falls or you can take a right turn where you can see smaller waterfalls and several natural pools that end with the main waterfall where you would continue hiking to the top of upper Diyaluma falls.

However, take caution during your hike since it’s a natural area with no safety rails or signs. If you are up for a challenging adventure, then add this activity to your list of things to do during your Sri Lanka trip for an epic holiday.