Lipton’s Seat

With one of the most impressive and panoramic viewpoints, it is named so after Sir Thomas Lipton, the renown Scottish aristocrat and tea planter. He used to observe his flourishing tea empire from this point, from which a magnificent view unfolds at your feet, displaying the 7 provinces.


  • Lipton’s seat is named after Sir Thomas Lipton, a renowned Scottish tea planter
  • It is one of the most splendid views especially during sunrise as you can see Udawalawe Lake and even the Hambantota Lake
  • It overlooks the luscious Dambetanne Tea Estate.


Lipton’s Seat is located in Haputale mountain range of Badulla in the Uva Province. It sits at an altitude of 1, 970 meters overlooking the lush Dambetanne Tea Estate. With one of the most impressive birds-eye viewpoints, it is named so after Sir Thomas Lipton, the renowned Scottish aristocrat and tea planter. It is the point from which he used it to scrutinise his flourishing tea empire.
Lipton´s Seat is best visited at sunrise, and if lucky one can observe four provinces (Uva, Sabargamuwa, Eastern and Central), Handapanagala Lake, Chandrika Lake, Udawalawe Lake, Wedihiti Kanda Mountain and Hambantota Port in the Southern coast lay magnificently before you.  Lipton’s Seat is a very popular tourist attraction that has managed to gain a lot of attention over the past couple of years – for many reasons. Aside from the fact that it is known for its spectacular view, it is a peaceful place to relax with family and friends and enjoy a hearty picnic. Capture the serene surroundings for photographic memories. It is best to be prepared with warm clothes as the weather and climate can change from time to time in the hill country.
There are two routes that can be used to reach Lipton’s seat, the first route through the Dambatenna estate that’s located in Haputale. The second route is the Nayabedda estate in Bandarawela. These routes are easy to find and accessible as there are signs to identify and there are paved roads which is convenient. It will take approximately 2 hours to climb to the hill top.

Lipton´s Seat is situated approximately 25 kilometers from Ella and 7 kilometres from the Dambatenna Tea Factory. It could be climbed or even travelled via vehicle.