City sightseeing and shopping

Discover Sri Lanka’s diverse history, cultures, colours and vibes by exploring the main insights and attractions of the major cities of Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Jaffna and Negombo.

The Colombo city tour takes you on an exploration of the pulsating commercial capital, an eclectic mix of past, present and future, on a full day tour covering all its main attractions and points of interest such as the National Museum, Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo Fort, Independence Square, Galle Face Green and much more. End the day indulging in some retail therapy with best shopping in Colombo.
Discover the last royal capital of Kandy by a full day Kandy city tour which covers all the main historical places and attractions and landmarks around the city which include the Kandy Temple of the tooth relic, Bahirawakanda Buddha Statue and the Kandy Lake.
Embark on a journey in time with the Galle Fort Experience. Explore the streets within the fort and discover all the key attractions that have stemmed down from colonialism including the Galle Lighthouse, Dutch Reformed Church, and the Old Dutch hospital.
Embrace the unique and vibrant cultures of the rising city of the North with a Jaffna city tour. A full day tour covering all the major attractions and landmarks around the city, including the Jaffna Fort, sacred Nallur Kovil, and Point Pedro.
Negombo city tour gives discovery of all the major attractions and places to visit in Negombo such as the Negombo Fish Market, Negombo Lagoon, Hamilton Dutch Canal and more.

Shopping in Sri Lanka encompasses a diverse experience for the island, a treasure trove, is blessed with many precious possessions which are tea, gems, spices, crafts, apparel clothing, art and more. Shopping in Colombo is a delightful experience especially for some good retail therapy after a long day touring the city.

Tea – Ceylon Tea, a brand popular all over the globe through its appearance on tins or packets sold to almost every household, had established a name for the country though now called Sri Lanka. You can experience the chance of visiting a tea plantation and factory, witnessing the processing journey of the plucked leaf into the dried leaf and tasting different blends of tea. However, Epic Sri Lanka Holidays has special experiential tours on offer for you to experience a front show of this manufacturing process in tea factories. Ceylon Tea is available in all tea kiosks, outlets and supermarkets all over the island.

Gems – A Gem Island known as Ratna-Deepa, Sri Lanka carries pride with a name reflecting its natural wealth. Through ancient Arab and Persian traders, Sri Lanka’s precious jewels have travelled across the Indian Ocean to the rest of the world. A visit to Sri Lanka would not be complete if one has not seen the gems of Sri Lanka in many retail shops in the country especially in Colombo and Kandy. From a world list of 200 types of coloured gemstones, 70 of which are available in Sri Lanka which include the Royal Blue sapphires, pink sapphires, Star Sapphires, Cat’s Eyes, Rubies, Star Rubies and semi precious stones such as Alexandrite and garnets. A visit straight to the source of gem mines would be an experience seeing how the gems are mined and cut. Epic Sri Lanka Holidays can arrange special experiences for you.

Spices – Where aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper and mace romanticises the air, tantalising the senses – Sri Lanka is synonymous with its ancient spice producing industry; which had enticed many Arab and European traders who docked at every port of ancient Ceylon. Sri Lanka is the second largest exporter of Cinnamon in the world and one must see the array of spices that represent the Sri Lankan brand of curry. Therefore, you have a choice of visiting a spice garden and learn the growth and process of spices and purchase fresh spices.

Apparel Clothing – Sri Lanka, one of the main garment manufacturing countries, provides many export quality clothing for international brands and labels which can be purchased at marked down prices which are available in retail shops and up market department stores in the key cities. However, see numerous selections of saris and sarongs which are typical clothing of the common Sri Lankan. With fabrics varying from batiks, handlooms which are Sri Lanka’s renowned heritage in art and craft.