Brief Gardens

Brief Gardens, famous garden and country residence of Bevis Bawa who had inspired his brother, Geoffrey Bawa to build Lunuganga. An amazing place consisting bathing fountains, sculptures  and ponds among a stunning landscaped area that was once a rubber plantation.


  • The residence of Geoffrey Bawa, the most influential architect in the country
  • The garden is brimming with ponds, a bathing fountain and plenty of sculptures
  • It is a serene and calm area that is worth the visit


Nestled ten km away from Bentota is the residence and garden of the famous architect Geoffrey Bawa’s brother Bevis Bawa, who was a renowned landscaper of his time. The 20 acre land was a rubber plantation before and it was left to him by his mother, and he chose it to build his house. It was landscaped by Bevis himself in the late 1960’s, who had the tenacity for landscaping which was what he focused on as a full time career. It is now owned by Doolan Silva – a renowned landscaper and close friend of Bevis Bawa.
His garden is a serene and tranquil area that is dotted with his own sculptures, benches, tables, ponds and a bathing fountain. It is the perfect place to simply take it easy and leisurely enjoy, in your own pace. The garden clearly reflects the person he was, his character – he was a man who preferred privacy over anything. It is aesthetically pleasing to see everything so strategically done – with preciseness. He put everything he had into this garden, and it was his safe haven from the outside world.
This experience is specially designed for people who are interested in Bevis Bawa and the art of landscaping.