Things to do in Tangalle

A lush tropical paradise located in the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, Tangalle is famous for its endless sandy shores, turquoise blue water, magnificent bays and the mangroves along with a few culturally important sites and other attractions. This beach resort has an easy going lazy atmosphere and is a fishing village. Fishing is the main source of income of the locals. Swimming in many of the beaches in Tangalle is not always advisable because the waves can be pretty rough at times. A stroll along the sandy shores especially during sunset and sunrise will be an amazing experience. Since this stunning beach resort is relatively unaffected by mass tourism, there aren’t many people around and thereby provides privacy and peace.
Renting a canoe in order to explore the mangrove is a must do during your visit to Tangalle. Bird watching is also a popular pastime among visitors and the Kalametiya bird sanctuary is the perfect place for this. The Mulkirigala Rajamaha Viharaya, which dates back to 2000 years, holds cultural and historical significance since the palm-leaf manuscripts that played a major role in the translation of the Mahawamsa was found in one of these caves located within the premises of this temple. The turtle watch Rekawa, the Dutch Fort, Yala national park, Udawalawe national park and Bundala national park are attractions in the vicinity.
Pay a visit to Tangalle in order to soak up the sun and have a perfect beach getaway away from the crowd.