Unawatuna Beach Swing

The beach rope swings in Unawatuna against stunning beaches with the sunset breaking the sky into a spectrum of gorgeous colours have taken Instagram by storm, hence making Sri Lanka the more desirable destination for the ultimate beach holiday.
These insta-worthy swings can be found at Dalawella and Wijaya beaches, located within a short distance along the coastline of Unawatuna.


  • Resplendently beautiful locations for the picture perfect capture safeguarding your memories
  • Swing back and forth with a feeling of going into the ocean with just a view of the entire shore around
  • Relish a drink of king coconut water whilst swinging watching sunsets – the ultimate ingredients of a tropical holiday


Unawatuna’s splendid beaches at Dalawella and Wijaya are the most photographed places in all of Sri Lanka. Therefore it has attracted many tourists from all over the globe, with thanks to its insta famous rope swings that hang from palm trees swaying over the glistening ocean.

These beaches are located away from hustle and bustle of the main beach at Unawatuna. The Dalawella beach swing is located just outside a local guesthouse named Dream Cabanas.A perfectly timed photograph will provide the illusion of ‘flying out’ towards the Indian Ocean. Wijaya Beach, one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka also has another rope swing.

However, head over to these hotspots and try these swings for they are not only photo-worthy, but a thrilling and exhilarating activity.