Kayaking in Tangalle Lagoon

Explore the beautiful lagoons of Tangalle by kayaking whilst being amazed by the morphing landscapes of tropical beauty, enriched with stunning flora, fauna, birdlife and rich mangrove forests. The Tangalle lagoon is primarily a stretch of inland water enclosed by mangroves.


  • Explore and admire the beauty of nature, marine and bird life at the lagoon
  • Kayaking is an interesting experience that allows you to navigate on your own
  • You can explore through many mangroves and its rich ecosystem
  • The best time to go kayaking is early morning or evening


The main body of the lagoon is extremely ideal for canoeing and kayaking. As you paddle along the lagoon, you get to explore the birdlife and marine life of the mangroves in a way you’ve never done before while admiring the beauty of nature around you. The lagoon continues on towards the south and ends up in a small marsh which is linked by a narrow strip of water. This area is much less visited hence it is calm and quiet which makes for a private experience.
Kayaking involves one to get into a kayak, take a paddle and once pushed into the water, you are to paddle on your own which is really interesting since you need not follow someone else driving you. The waters are shallow so in case your kayak tips over, all you have to do is stand up therefore it is safe yet fun! Since the southern part of the lagoon is not too large, it is not hard to navigate by yourself. You can explore the little waterways among the mangroves and look out for amazing birds that dive into the water and fish jumping over. Pause and take candid pictures of the birds, nature and everything around you, all of which makes for a unique experience.
It is best to go kayaking during the early morning or evening hours because the day time can be too warm and sunny. Contact our tour consultants at Epic Sri Lanka Holidays to make any arrangements for you as in booking your kayak.