Surfing in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa, a renowned and popular surf destination of Sri Lanka, was just a little fishing village, fast developed into the latest escape with many point breaks for surfing. A chill vibe exists with bars and beach huts lining the beach, watching surfers taking wave after wave. Beach party lovers, Hikkaduwa is sure to surprise you with lively surf raves.


  • The Hikkaduwa beach is the 2nd best spot for surfing
  • The clear blue waters and waves with waves that range from 4 ft to 11 ft tall are perfect for surfing conditions
  • The Hikkaduwa beach is very popular and absolutely beautiful


The Hikkaduwa beach is the 2nd best spot for surfing in Sri Lanka. The crystal clear waters and waves provide ideal surfing conditions with waves ranging from 4 feet to 11 feet. The best time for surfing is from November to March (the dry season) with four major breaks.

Benny’s –reef break with left wave which works well over 6 feet and for advanced surfers
Main Reef – left and right handers – deep reef with waves with a height of 3 feet and more. The waves have a powerful swell with more twists for exciting surfing.
North Jetty – longest left wave, reef break by the harbour wall with a swell that can rise to 8 feet.
Beach Break – is the southern part of the beach, sand and reef shore break – The left and right waves up over the reef, but the bottom is sandy, which makes the spot ideal for training and great for beginners.