Local Street Food in Hikkaduwa

Thinking where to eat in Hikkaduwa? First you got to love Sri Lanka’s street food culture with scrumptious seafood, chopped up roti swathed in spice and tangy flavours, bowl shaped crispy pancakes known as hoppers or the traditional rice and curry. Meals along the beach with the sounds of waves are incredible.


  • Try out the local delicacies which include Kottu rotti that’s prepared fresh
  • Enjoy the freshly caught seafood that’s prepared in different mouthwatering ways
  • The street food is definitely worth the try as it is cheap but delicious


In addition to the great beach vibe and party atmosphere in Hikkaduwa, it is also famous for its street food. Visitors to Hikkaduwa can embark on a gastronomic adventure and since local street food is cheap, it is definitely worth to try out these local street foods. ‘Hikka Special Rotti’ and ‘Kottu’ are some favorites among people and these dishes will never fail to satisfy your taste buds. It is a unique experience as well because while waiting for these mouthwatering treats, you also have the opportunity to watch them prepare these local delicacies.