Partying in Hikka

Hikkaduwa, a surf chic town comes to life at night with vibrant parties, surf raves from sunset to sunrise making it one of the most happening places along the south.


  • The party scene in Hikkaduwa draws in many locals and tourists
  • The atmosphere is extremely laid back
  • Many bars and restaurants have opened up and host parties that last the whole night
  • The sea, moonlit sky and music are the ideal ingredients for a great party


Hikkaduwa is considered as one of the best party destinations in Sri Lanka. This beach resort is utterly famous for its vibrant nightlife; with all night raves and a great beach vibe going on. Some of the best places to party in Hikkaduwa are ‘Mambo’s Place’, ‘Vibration Music Bar’, ‘Top Secret Beach Bar’ and ‘Funky de Bar’. The music, the lively crowd, the moonlit beach and the waves crashing against the shore creates a great party atmosphere. Hikkaduwa is a must visit place for those seeking a vibrant party atmosphere.