Things to do in Hikkaduwa

Located approximately 20km away from Galle, Hikkaduwa is a jolly and buoyant coastal town with its vibrant and cheery streets. Hikkaduwa is a major tourist destination mainly for its beaches, corals, night life (all night raves and the great beach vibe going on) and easygoing atmosphere . Hikkaduwa beach is considered as the second best spot for surfing in the country and the Hikkaduwa coral sanctuary which is yet another major attraction is situated just a few hundred meters off the shore with over 70 varieties of corals and many species of fish and turtles. Diving, surfing and snorkeling are some thrilling activities one can engage in while in Hikkaduwa. Surfing is also another pastime in which you should definitely engage in while at Hikkaduwa. The clear warm waters and the waves ranging from 4 feet to 11 feet provide ideal conditions for surfing.
A glass bottomed boat ride will provide you the opportunity to admire and explore these corals and marine life without getting your feet wet. Equipment needed for diving and snorkeling is readily available at many places along the shore.
There are many dive sites for the diving enthusiasts since there are some ship wrecks around and the clear waters make it possible to spot varieties of fish and corals. There are many shops providing the necessary equipment and PADI courses. Hikkaduwa also provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling and the lagoon is undoubtedly the safest place for this. It can be stated that snorkeling is the ultimate way to explore these corals and life underwater.
Hikkaduwa is also home to charming temples, a fresh water lake and peaceful village life. Needless to say it is the best place to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.