Weligama Bay and Beach

The bay and beach of Weligama would do justice to its name since it is surrounded by a sandy bay. Weligama means ‘Sandy – village.’ It is quiet and peaceful since it is just emerging as a tourist destination.


  • The Weligama beach is one of the least travelled to areas thereby a less crowded beach destination
  • Ideal place for surfing as the waves are perfect especially for beginners trying to catch their first wave
  • It is one of the most scenic and picturesque beaches in the country


In Sinhala, the name Weligama means ‘Sandy Village’. When you visit the beach of Weligama you will realize the aptness of this name because of the sandy bay. This beach is quiet and peaceful because Weligama is a less travelled to beach resort. If you wish to be away from the overcrowded beach, the beach of Weligama is the perfect spot. You can loosen up, unwind and just enjoy the sun and sand. If you are an adrenaline junkie you can ride some waves at this beach and surf. The waves are perfect for novice surfers. When wading out further into the sea, there are bigger waves for the advanced surfers. Since this beach is guarded the shallow coral reef, it is perfect for snorkeling and diving as well. Some noted dive sites are the PHP, the Bridge Rock and the Yala rock. Many tourists visit this beach to catch a glimpse of the stilt fishermen hard at work, and to capture a postcard perfect picture with them in the background. This peaceful beach is one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in Sri Lanka. The picture postcard setting of the Weligama Bay attracts tourists from all over and the Taprobane Island is the bay’s special feature. Surfing and whale watching and visiting coconut plantations and snake farms are some activities tourists can engage in while in Weligama Bay. Explore other places to visit in Weligama to complete your journey such as a visit to the iconic Taprobane Island which is a few kilometres off the coast; watch the art of making Batik in a local home; the Dutch star fort located in Matara and the historic archaeological site of Kushta raja gala where monuments, artifacts and an ancient statue of a Leper king exists and revel in an excursion to a snake farm where you can see a collection of many types of snakes.