Things to do in Weligama

A perky fishing village and a popular tourist attraction in the Southern Coast of the lush tropical island of Sri Lanka; Weligama consists of a sandy stretch of beach nearly 2 kilometers in length and lives up to its name. If you wish to attempt to ride your first wave, Weligama is an ideal spot. Visitors can also engage in snorkeling and diving. The stilt fishermen lined up on the turquoise blue waters, hard at work on their vertical poles with crossbars, adds more splendor and allure to the already picturesque beach lined with palm trees and sandy shores. These beaches are relatively uncluttered and provide the opportunity for visitors to enjoy the sun and sand in peace without disruptions. Tourist arrivals have increased only in the recent years with the development of infrastructure and utilities. Nonetheless, this small coastal town still holds the charm of a fishing village. There is much more to Weligama than its beaches. In fact there are hordes of coconut and rubber plantations in Weligama. Ancient temples, natural sanctuaries, snake farms and spice gardens are also found in Weligama. Taprobane; a tiny island, is a spectacular and mystical sight. At present this villa is a high-end hotel that attracts many visitors from all over the world. The Leper King Statue,the Dutch Star Fort, the Dondra Lighthouse and the Turtle watch at Rekawa are some other major attractions close at hand. Some other activities visitors to Weligama can partake in are whale watching, cycling along the scenic routes and fishing.