Waterfall Hopping

The Knuckles Mountain Range, synonymous with beauty and an astounding resemblance to a human fist of knuckles, is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Sri Lanka, with plenty of waterfalls that would encourage one to spend a day trekking and waterfall hopping.


  • The Huluganaga falls has a height of 75 metres and is the tallest waterfall in the knuckles range
  • Lebonan estate waterfall is 8 metres tall and drops into two sections creating a breathtaking sight
  • Saree Ella Falls is breathtaking when in full flow and resembles a pallu of a saree
  • Jodu Ella falls measures 45 metres tall and falls into two streams
  • Thaliya Watunu Ella falls is located in the Alakola Estate where you can pass through the scenic estate to witness it
  • Enjoy a quick dip into any of the rock pools that are found at the bases of the waterfalls
  • Experience a picnic lunch by the river where you would be surrounded by scenic beauty


Trekking through the Knuckles encountering the best of waterfalls would be from Bambarella side.

Bambarella, a little village bordering the Knuckles, is a well known region for the number of undiscovered waterfalls, especially with its many elevations and streams that flow into the Huluganga river. This river is a major tributary of the Mahaweli river, the longest river of Sri Lanka.

As you pass through the town of Huluganga, in the centre you would come across the first waterfall located under the bridge which starts from the Knuckles range and would require a little descend down for a good view which is beyond stunning. The Huluganaga falls has a height of 75 metres and is the tallest waterfall in the knuckles range.

Once you pass the Huluganga town, and proceed towards Bambarella which is around 5 km away, you will stumble upon a tea estate known as Lebonan Estate. Cruise along the paved road inside the estate where you could see the unknown waterfall, Lebonan estate waterfall.

Upon travelling approximately 200 metres along this road, you will see a small bridge above a stream. You will have to park your vehicle since the bridge cannot take in cars or larger vehicles unless you are travelling in a tuk tuk. Walk towards the houses situated above a hill of 300 metres and on the right side of the road, the stream forms the waterfall. If you are unable to locate the waterfall, the people in the area will help you find it since there is a footpath among the houses where you can trek leading to the waterfall. This waterfall is almost 8 metres tall and falls in two sections.

Once you are back on the main road and journeying towards Bambarella junction, take the road that leads to the school where you will be able to see Saree Ella falls. As you proceed along the road, you will come across a neglected wooden house which indicates the exact location of the waterfall. This waterfall looks exactly like a pallu of a saree hence the name Saree Ella Falls. It is a beautiful sight to see when it is in full flow and it measures around 25 metres tall. The falls makes for shallow natural pools at its base and further along the flow that one may take a dip in.

From the main road as you pass the estate houses, you will come across Jodu Ella, the second waterfall in this area. There is a footpath that leads right up to the waterfall and it falls into two separate streams from the top of the mountain. The river Moragaha only feeds this waterfall which originates from the Knuckles range. This waterfall is approximately 45 metres tall. One can witness the Jodu Ella falls with its many miniature flows, which appears beside the estates of Goomaraya when on the way to the Lebonan Estate Waterfall.

From Huluganga town, when taking a left turn that proceeds towards Alakola Estate, you can see the Thaliya Watunu Ella falls. As you approach a bend that comes after a shaded road through this estate, make a stop to see the waterfall. Trek along the footpath that leads to the base of the waterfall. This waterfall is a product of the Huluganga stream but due to an installation of a hydropower plant, this fall is generally not very full all through the year and it is 50 metres tall.
As you trek along this route seeing all waterfalls of the knuckles range, you can enjoy a typical Sri Lankan lunch picnic by the river and of course indulge in a refreshing dip into the rock pools that form at the bases of these waterfalls.