Turtle Hatchery

Experience an opportunity holding a baby turtle, a feeling beyond fascinating! Visit the Turtle Hatchery at Kosgoda, one of the 18 turtle hatcheries dotted along the south west coast of the island. It is a popular hatchery for it houses all five turtle species that breed in Sri Lanka.


  • There are 5 species of turtles that breed along Kosgoda beach which can be seen at the hatchery
  • Learn the process of collecting the eggs or baby turtles from the shore that are taken for protection
  • Gain knowledge on how sick or injured adult turtles are being nursed back to health
  • Experience in holding the turtles or feeding them
  • If during the season, get an opportunity to release the baby turtles that are ready to go back into the ocean


This turtle hatchery is located in Kosgoda, 8 minutes away (3.8 km) from Ahungalle. The project was initiated in 1981, by Dudley Perera, and it is run by the Perera family. Dudley is educated in the conservation of sea animals, is very passionate and enthusiastic about his project. He loves to share his knowledge with both locals and tourists.
This hatchery strives to make great attempts to preserve and protect turtles by helping to enhance the process of hatching and ensuring safe survival of baby turtles after hatching. They also provide care and treatment of injured or sick adult turtles and then releasing them back into the seas. They also conduct workshops and programs creating awareness among foreign visitors and locals.

The groundwork of the hatchery revolves around inspecting the beach at night for any eggs that have been laid or mother turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, in which they are sheltered and shifted to the hatchery centre to prevent them from attack from predators or inhumane activity. The eggs are kept in a secluded area to develop and hatch which would require approximately 45 to 60 days. The hatched baby turtles are then released into the ocean.

The Turtle hatchery at Kosgoda is an amazing place of learning and it is full of fun since it is for the full family. Visit the hatchery and help feed the turtles and if during the season, you may be able to encounter a first hand experience in releasing the babies into the water.