Diving and Snorkeling in Dikwella

Dikwella boasts some great diving spots among beautiful coral reefs and the colourful coral reef fish make this snorkelling experience even more mesmerising.


  • This spot is great for both beginners and professional divers
  • Explore the different types of fish underwater
  • See the colourful coral reefs and other multi coloured fishes


Dickwella boasts some great diving spots. There are PADI approved diving centers offering assistance and equipment along the shores. This spot is good for both beginner and advanced divers. While diving, you can explore the beautiful coral reefs and the multi-coloured coral reef fish. If you wish to go further towards the sea and snorkel in the Nilwella Bay, you can ask the fishermen present to take you. The warm, clear waters makes snorkelling and diving even more enjoyable.