Things to do in Beruwela

A town that is enriched with tons of history that speak volumes, it is a place that is home to majority of the Muslim population that are descendants of the first Moorish Muslims that settled down in 1024 AD.
One of the oldest, charming towns in the country, Beruwala is located around 60 km away from Colombo. It takes approximately around an hour to reach Beruwala from Colombo, as it is not very far.
Beruwala is a tropical town, with remarkable beaches and other historical places to visit and learn about the origins of the first Moorish Muslims that arrived in the 8th century. There’s quite a lot of background and interesting things that gives Beruwala a boost compared to the other beach destinations close by, like Bentota.
There is the option of just chilling by the beach and not having a care in the world – nothing beats that feeling. With the waves in the near distance and enjoying the view of the Indian Ocean, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. On the other hand, you can absorb everything there is to know about the history behind Beruwala, what makes it the way it is now – you’re bound to be amazed and impressed.