Diving and Snorkelling in Bentota

Diving and snorkelling are two popular water activities done in Bentota, being the epicentre for adventure and water sports in Sri Lanka.A popular activity providing thrilling fun under the sea.


  • The best time for diving and snorkelling is between November and May
  • Experience underwater life while swimming along different species of fish and coral reef
  • There are professional guides who will help you all the way to the snorkelling point
  • Diving academies can easily be located along the coast of Bentota


Bentota is blessed with calm seas during the months of November to April which is ideal for diving and snorkelling. Underneath the waters, there is expansive areas of colourful corals, tropical fish and shipwrecks that have submerged in various spots.

Among the reef off Bentota, there is a variety of fish species since over 500 types can be found around the country. Experience snorkelling among these species that range from small angel fish, large parrot fish, groupers and jack fish.

There are 3 main dive spots in Bentota:

Canoe Rock is the main dive spot where there are sandy belts with coral formations in certain sections. You can choose to snorkel this area by reaching the spot via a boat which is a 20 minute ride from the shore and the depth to reach this site is approximately 20 metres.

South Reef is a dive site that is almost 30 minutes away from Bentota. You will have reach this area by boat. It consists of a terrain full of rocks, thereby an attraction for many species of marine life and you can dive about 20 metres to reach the bottom.

Hundirangala was initially popular for night diving is a shallow diving site with a depth of only 12 metres. It is well known for the appearance of stunning lionfish and porcupine fish.

Diving academies can easily be located along the coast of Bentota and they are more than willing to help you meet your expectations and more. They offer lessons ranging from beginner courses, junior courses for children and advanced courses.

You will be amazed with what you find in the mysterious waters that is home to a variety of exquisite sea life.