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Panadura and Wadduwa

Panadura and Wadduwa are coastal towns that have gradually become popular beach destinations over recent years, thereby attracting lots of tourists from all over the globe. These are also ideal places for a quick day trip or weekend getaway from the busy city life of Colombo.


  • Long wide beaches of golden sands and blue waters for an ideal beach relaxation with swimming and strolls during sunsets
  • Get a rush of adrenaline above the water with plenty of water sports such as Jet Skiing and more
  • Experience fresh water lake activities on Bolgoda Lake and enjoy its rich biodiversity and scenic surroundings
  • Home to many authentic Ayurveda, spa and yoga retreats giving ultimate relaxing holidays


Panadura and Wadduwa are both neighbouring towns that are surrounded by water on all sides, with pristine beaches made just for relaxation.
Located 29.5 km south away from the city of Colombo, with plenty of beaches to enjoy and relax. Home to many hotels to choose from, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation in these cities – Jie Jie by Jetwing being one of them.
It is not one of the typical tourist destinations, yet it is worth the short trip and the perfect getaway if you want to stay away from the cliché path that everyone else seems to be taking. Most of the tourists usually turn to coastal destinations like Mirissa and Bentota but it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new once in a way.
With its glorious strip of beach that stretches all the way from Mount Lavinia beach, the Panadura/Wadduwa beaches are a very popular destination for everyone to come and have a fun time with friends and family, being a local hotspot for the people who live around the area and other suburbs. It’s also very kid-friendly with children being able to fly their kites, run around and play – there’s so much space for them to do anything they want.
For the ones who don’t want to spend their time simply sunbathing, there are quite a lot of activities to participate in for water sports, ranging from windsurfing to beach volleyball and so on. Wadduwa is also a fishing village – so you can take a leisurely stroll along the sandy waters and see many colorful boats and fisherman with their catches for that day.
There are many hotels that are all located close to each other, so accommodation wise there’s nothing to worry about. Reputed hotels like The Blue Water Hotel and Taprobana Wadduwa are located here, with quality service, who will attend to your needs accordingly.

On average, the temperatures are relatively high throughout the year as it is tropical weather. The rainy season is during the 10 months excluding January and February. The warmest and driest month is January, with May being the wettest month so it’s best to avoid visiting during that time as you will not be able to have a good time then.

How to get there
From Colombo to Wadduwa
By Car – Driving to Wadduwa is definitely the most convenient way to travel, mainly because it is a short distance and will take approximately 1 hour, 39 minutes to get there.
By Train – When taking the train to Wadduwa, you will have to take one from the Colombo fort railway station that will go directly to the train station in Wadduwa.

From Galle
By Car – Travelling by car to Wadduwa from Galle will take around an hour and 30 minutes, via the southern expressway highway.

From Kandy
By Car – Driving from Kandy will take approximately 3 hours, 42 minutes via the Colombo Kandy road A1.
By Train – Travel to Colombo from Kandy and then take another train from the Colombo fort railway station directly to Wadduwa.

From Nuwara Eliya
By Car – The distance from Nuwara Eliya to Wadduwa will take around 5 hours, 3 minutes via Avissawella Hatton Nuwara Eliya highway.
By Train – Take the train to Colombo from Nanuoya in Nuwara Eliya, and then take the train from Colombo fort to Wadduwa from there.

From the Airport
By car – It will take approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes to reach Wadduwa via the Colombo – Katunayake expressway.
By train – Travelling by train to Wadduwa from the airport will take around

Food and Drink
Panadura/Wadduwa are hotspots for many local restaurants as well as other international cuisines. You have the option of trying out the traditional Sri Lankan food, which is a staple diet of Rice and Curry – the locals like their rice and curry hot and full of spice, so if you can handle that amount of spice prepare yourselves.

Mango Mango – It is an Indian specialized restaurant that is based in three locations – Panadura, Anuradhapura and Dambulla. Their niche is authentic northern Indian food, and by using the traditional Indian herbal spices they achieve they serve you delectable dishes that you will subsequently fall in love with. Vegetarian dishes are included, featuring famous dishes like Palak Paneer, Kalimiri Aloo, and Cheese Pakora’s to name just a few that are available. Seafood is also a big hit with Jumbo prawns, fried cuttlefish, and filleted fish. They’ve got an endless list of main dishes that are definitely worth trying – that’s for sure.

Navro Beach Restaurant – Another one of the popular restaurants in Panadura would be the Navro Beach restaurant, which is based in the Resort. There’s a private beach just for dining outside and making the maximum use out of the brilliant view of the sea. They spotlight on cuisines like Indian, Mongolian and of course Seafood. There’s a mixture of dishes that are delectable – prawn curry, kottu, and hoppers plus a whole lot of other dishes.

Summer Breeze Coastal Cuisine – As Wadduwa is a coastal town, there are plenty of seafood restaurants in the near vicinity, and summer breeze is one of them. Placed amongst a dense tropical garden that’s in a secluded area, it’s worth the visit. It’s a part of the Reef Villas hotel and spa, and with an ambience that’s definitely inviting and comfortable, you will immediately feel at home once you step inside. Quality food, service and staff that’s very helpful – what we all look for in any restaurant and they’ve got it all. They specialize in the traditional rice and curry, and have got quite a variety to choose from.

Janirest – Out of all the high end restaurants available in Wadduwa – Janirest would be the best option when it comes to affordable, economical prices and scrumptious food, a total win-win situation no doubt. Seafood is their main domain – as well as Sri Lankan, vegetarian, gluten free options. The atmosphere is very laid back and easy – a refreshing change for most people who come on holiday so it ticks all their boxes.

Green Lobster Waskaduwa Seafood Restaurant – Located just 4 km away from Wadduwa – this is the place you must go to for a real taste of the Indian Ocean this is the place to be satisfied with as they’ll serve you up with the best seafood in town; from everything that’s shellfish to crustacean delights that are absolutely bursting with flavor – it’s even called a ‘hidden gem’ so that definitely says a lot about the place in general. The portions are very generous, so it’s always better to share what you order. It’s right next to Citrus Waskaduwa which is very convenient. The food is reasonably priced and is worth every penny you spend, so you’ll find yourself coming back for more each time you’re in the country.


Panadura/Wadduwa Beaches – The beaches of Panadura/Wadduwa are perhaps one of the most laid back places to be – you have the choices of being active by participating in a friendly game of volleyball, or try surfing whether you’re a beginner or a professional; if neither is for your taste you can always laze on a hammock and take in your lovely surroundings, which could probably be children flying kites, happily playing around.

Water Sports in Panadura/Wadduwa – There are a wide range of activities and excursions to do in Wadduwa – ranging from water sports and water based activities such as Jet Skiing, Banana boats/Tube rides, Windsurfing, Diving and Snorkeling.

Bolgoda Lake – This lake is just a short distance away from Colombo, and is the largest fresh water lake in Sri Lanka. There is plenty of rich biodiversity in the lake, with a large amount of flora and fauna – and serves as a habitat to lots of fresh water fish and waterfowls. It is the site for a host of water sports activities, and the British people came up with the brilliant idea of making the lake into a place for relaxation and to have a good time.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa – The Siddhalepa name has been around for many generations and is still one of the most renowned and reputed Ayurvedic practices all over the island. They are the definition of authenticity and simplicity – with a wide range of packages and treatments that address health conditions and illnesses which are offered at Siddhalepa Resort & Spa in Wadduwa.