Water Sports in Kalutara

There is a wide variety of water sport activities in Kalutara, including jet skiing, snorkelling and diving.  It is one of the popular things to do in Kalutara, with the seas having favourable conditions.


  • There are a range of water sport activities offered in Kalutara
  • Explore the underwater marine life by snorkelling and diving
  • Have the opportunity to see colourful coral reefs and the diverse marine life


There are a wide variety of water sport activities in Kalutara
– Jet skiing
– Diving
– Snorkeling

Jet Skiing
It is definitely one of the most exhilarating water sports. There is no feeling better than cruising over a lake or ocean at high speeds with a high adrenaline rush. The view of the beach and the waves add on to the whole experience.

Diving/Scuba Diving
Diving is an entirely different experience altogether that a lot of people love doing. Unlike all the other activities, diving is not done all year, and only from November to May. Swim along schools of fish and beautiful coral reefs. Diving academies can easily be located along the coast of Kalutara, and they will be more than willing to help you satisfy your expectations. They offer lessons ranging from junior courses, beginners courses and advanced courses. Upon request, we can arrange a full or partial day’s diving for you through a PADI certified centre.

Another exciting activity is snorkelling. There are qualified instructors who will provide assistance to and at the snorkelling site. You are allowed to swim the expanse of the ocean and explore the underwater landscape that includes numerous amounts of colourful fish and other beautiful marine life as well.
The teardrop of the Indian Ocean, highly underestimated with so much to see with its popular beaches and tropical weather – this coastal destination is becoming a popular vacation spot. This coastal town along the western belt of the country are all unique in their own way. An ideal location for a romantic getaway or a fun trip with friends and family.
The sparkling Indian Ocean in all its glory is so alluring you can even just simply relax. It provides you with a perfect and clear view of the sunset that graces the shores with its absolute beauty.