Things to do in Kalutara

An up and coming destination that’s gradually gaining recognition for its colonial charm, the town is a mix of the country’s local culture and heritage, along with an easy going atmosphere fit for a holiday.
The south west coast beaches of the country are unquestionably impressive with the endless expanse of the beach strip that seems to have no end. . Waskaduwa and Kalutara are both very close to each other so it is very convenient to travel to and fro – it is just a small distance of 7 km.
It is an area that’s clean and occasionally rough with sudden waves appearing out of nowhere, and the beach makes a good spot for board surfers. The sparkling Indian Ocean in all its glory is so alluring you can just simply relax and feel magnetized and drawn to it. It provides you with a perfect and clear view of the sunset that graces the shores in absolute beauty – as you stare at it in awe of the vivid colors that all collide with each other.
There’s an endless list of sights to see and a lot of historical places including temples as Kalutara is very rich in Buddhist tradition and culture, including the colonial history during the time the British and Portuguese had taken over.