Seetha Kotuwa

Seetha Kotuwa, when translated means ‘Sita’s Fort’ – and referred to as one of the most stunning and scenic locations in the legendary tale. It is an important place because it is one of the first places where King Ravana had brought Sita after abducting her. The area was said to be peaceful, with streams and surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna.


  • It is called ‘Sitas Fort’ as this is where she stayed before being moved to Ashok Vatika
  • Seetha Kotuwa is an integral location in the Ramayana Legend
  • It is a major priority for Hindu devotees to visit here on their pilgrimage
  • The site was one of the most scenic and stunning places according to the legend


A historically significant place tied to the legendary ‘Ramayana’ tale, Seetha Kotuwa was where Queen Mandothari’s palace of Lankapura stood. It is located in the village of Gurulupotha. Translating to Sita’s Fort, Seetha Kotuwa was named as such since it was the place where Sitadevi was kept hidden until she was moved to Ashok Vatika. Of late it has become an archaeological site due to the limestone cave with stalagmite and stalactite formations.
It was a very scenic and tranquil area surrounded by forests rich in flora and fauna. It takes a bit of a trek through a jungle to reach the site, so it is best to go on a clear sunny day as it will make the journey easier. The ruins are two plain guard stones from the late Anuradhapura centuries which have been preserved with some pillars and stone slabs around but most of them are buried under the thick growth of trees and soil.