Ashok Vatika

Ashok Vatika is related to the epic legendary tale of Lord Rama and Sita, and the location is said to be where Sita was kept during the time she was forcefully taken by King Ravana. She spent her time here waiting for her husband Lord Rama to come and save her from corrupt King Ravana.


  • Ashok Vatika is another location where King Ravana hid Sita from Rama
  • It is a very important site for Hindu devotees who visit the country
  • Sita was said to have refused to live in King Ravana’s palace and stayed under the ‘Ashok’ tree


Sri Lanka has been known for many places of reverence to the Ramayana legend; especially Ashok Vatika, the royal garden where Sita was held captive by King Ravana away from her husband Lord Rama. This place inherits its name from the Ashok trees and its crimson flowers where Sita was guarded by her maids and when she was displeased with Ravana’s treatment she used to stay under this tree in hope waiting for Rama to come save her.
Ashok Vatika is an important site for Hindu devotees.