Habaraduwa Beach

Habaraduwa beach, a stretch of stunning beaches lying along the southern coast off the quiet town of Habaraduwa. Home to the one of the popular turtle hatcheries and is lined with stiltfishermen that create picture perfect scenery.


  • The beach is a beautiful and widest stretch of golden sands and blue waters set in a serene atmosphere
  • Home to the turtle hatchery where baby turtles are
  • Popular for stilt fishing where fishermen can be found perched on their poles, making for a breathtaking sight


Away from the hustle and bustle of the other coastal areas of the Southern coast, Habaraduwa is a peaceful town which has breathtaking beaches which are the widest of the south. This beach is also home to one of the turtle hatcheries; a nonprofit organization working tirelessly in order to conserve the sea turtle population and to prevent their extinction due to human activities. Along this stretch of sea, stilt fishing is a common sight. The mesmerizing beaches provide a breathtaking backdrop with the fishermen perched on their vertical poles with crossbars.