Water Abseiling

Enjoy panoramic views of mountains and jungle around you whilst hanging onto a rope that goes down a waterfall. A thrilling experience looking over the edge as you descend. Although daring yet fun filled activity for the bold and courageous seeking the ultimate adventurous holiday.


  • An activity that gives you a high dose of that adrenaline rush
  • A thrilling adventure especially with family and friends which is very memorable
  • Enjoy the spectacular scenery of nature, mountains, forest and river
  • Conducted in a controlled environment where a trial will be given with an introduction briefing to ensure complete safety


In order to push your adrenaline to the highest possible level, consider water abseiling as one of your first picks – it will guarantee that by the end of it you will be on a definite high on excitement. It is a two in one opportunity to take in the full view of the forest and surrounding mountains around you. Just looking at a waterfall is a calming experience, but hanging on to a rope smack in the middle of a waterfall is an entirely different story altogether. It is the most extreme way to test your confidence and strength. Once you finish you will feel invincible and very confident with what you are capable of. It is obviously a dangerous feat yet you embrace it in a good way – but nothing beats the satisfaction coursing through you when you reach the bottom without any issue. The waterfall height is 105 ft and for 4 people and the approximate duration of 3 hours. The equipment is branded and will be provided by the sport center, and everything is done according to global requirement. It is done in a controlled environment and before anything happens a trial will be shown by one of the instructors and a small introduction briefing will be given.