Things to do in Bentota

Bentota is like a warm hug after a long day at work, with its sandy beaches and crystal blue waters welcoming you with open arms..
Bentota is a coastal town that is merely two hours away with a beach strip that is the perfect ingredient for the ultimate vacation. All your worries and cares simply vanish once you set your eyes on the magnificent Indian Ocean in all its glory. It will feel like you are floating for the next couple of days or weeks as you get lost in the sights and delights of this tropical town.
The best part about Bentota is that it is like a spectrum – you can either spend your days in a peaceful mood relaxing by the beach, or if you’re the adventurous type there are a host of water and sea based activities and sports to participate in to keep you occupied. Ranging from jet-skiing, paddle-boarding and diving for professionals and beginners, there is an exceeding amount of things to do.
Apart from the beaches there are cultural and historical sites to visit, for the ones who are curious to learn about the Bentota’s charismatic background and how it came to be the place it is currently.
People are drawn to its calm, tranquil beaches that make you feel right at home, and as a result you do not want to leave the place when it is time to go.