Peanut Farm

Experience a unique off the beaten track break point of Arugam Bay at Peanut Farm, a beautiful spot that is home to thrilling swells for some exciting surfing, stunning views of the ocean and enjoyable swimming.


  • Peanut farm is one of unique break points for enjoyable surfing since it is accessed through an off the beaten track route
  • It gained its name for it once had plantations of peanut farms before they were destroyed during the tsunami in 2004
  • It has two beach breaks where one has gentle waves suitable for beginners and the other has challenging swells for the intermediate/advanced
  • Apart from surfing, this beautiful place is perfect for a swim or a quiet stroll along the beach


One of the many bays found in the destination of Arugam Bay; the Peanut Farm is still an undiscovered area by most people yet is worth the visit for the surfing.

The waves here work during the months of June to October. The place got its name due to the fact that there used to be actual peanuts growing, but after the tsunami in 2004 it affected all the peanut plantations; nevertheless the name still remains.There are a few locals who surf here. Over time it has gradually attracted a steady amount of surfers because of the surf breaks. There are two beach breaks, the first one that’s immediately on the beach and has the perfect conditions for beginner surfers, and the second break is on the right from the previous break point and it requires a lot more experience as it can get challenging. The size of the wave ranges from 3 ft to 6 ft. The waves are a lot bigger and there are more rocks to steer clear of.

It is accessible via an off the beaten track route where you will have to travel 6 km away (25 minutes) from Arugam Bay and take a mud track that’s between two army bases and then you will find a dirt-road that’ll lead you to the sea. There is the option of getting there by tuktuk or car.

When the waves aren’t swelling, this little piece of heaven has relatively clear seas to swim in or if you want to relax, take a strollor perhaps catch a glimpse of the bull elephant, this is the place to go.