Surfing in Arugam Bay

Where surfing comes alive – Arugam Bay is Sri Lanka’s stepping stone on the Indian Ocean trail for a long time. It is the most escapist and renowned surfing locations in the world even though Arugam is just a small fishing village.


  • There are many surf breaks in Arugam Bay in which they are all located within 20-30 minutes
  • The Main Point is the most accessible surf spot and is the busiest of all points
  • Pottuvil point is popular its unique setting and is a small, hollow right-hand reef break north of Arugam Bay
  • Whiskey point, an ‘off the beaten track spot’ set on a wide beach with waves breaking off a rocky outcrop
  • Elephant Rock Point, a popular beginner surf spot and the sea-facing rock gives gorgeous views of sunrises, sunsets and elephants
  • Peanut Farm Point, an epic break south of Arugam Bay with relatively clear seas to swim if waves aren’t swelling
  • Panama point, a remote point set against a backdrop of large boulders is less frequented by surfers of all levels


Arugam Bay is synonymous with Surfing, having been renowned as the best surf spot in Sri Lanka. Surfers flock from all over the globe for their ideal surf holiday trip in Sri Lanka. There are many surf breaks in Arugam Bay in which they are all located within 20-30 minutes. This variety of points which are spectacular and natural makes for a destination that is a magnet attracting large crowds since surfers can choose to surf a new point on each day of the week. Therefore there is passion and dedication of the surfing tribe along these waters of Arugam Bay. These places have good quality waves, and beach breaks that are good for both beginners and steady reef breaks for advanced surfers. The points are Main Point, Pottuvil Point, Whiskey Point, Elephant Rock, Peanut Farm, and Panama.
Main Point: The main break point is indeed the epitome of the Arugam Bay surfing scene. It is the most accessible surf spot and is the busiest of all points. This is on account of some of the waves and tubes that have all contributed in making it one of the ’10 best places to surf in the world.’A long right hand wave breaking over a soft reef at the southern point of Arugam Bay, it is also the best swell magnet of all the points reaching as high as 6 feet offering a variety between long walls with great shape and the odd rifling barrel. The rush for the Main Point begins shy after dawn, when surfers of all ages and sizes, can be seen traipsing along the beach with their arms around their surf boards. Along the beach there is a strip of cafes and restaurants that do entertain the dense crowds.

Pottuvil Point: This point is popular with surfers for its unique setting and location. A long deserted sandy beach ends with a large set of boulders at the edge. It is a small, hollow right-hand reef break about 6km north of Arugam Bay. The special thing about this wave is that, on a good south swell, the wave begins up the point for about 4 feet and be only a few metres from the shore as the wave grinds on the sandy point. Pottuvil Point is a few feet smaller than the Main Point but still offers some nice walls and barrel sections on bigger swells.

Whiskey Point: Whiskey point is an ‘off the beaten track spot’ for surfers. It came into popularity just few years ago. Today it is perhaps the most frequented surf point, after the Arugam Bay Main Point. Whiskey point is set on a wide beach with a set of boulders at its bend and the waves break off a rocky outcrop near the beach, creating perfect surfing conditions meaning that you can catch waves without swimming out too far. Therefore it is an ideal spot for beginners of the surfing sport. Apart from surfing, this location is perfect for sea bathing and sunset walks along the beach.
Elephant Rock Point: Elephant Rock is another popular beginner surf spot which is located approximately 4km south of Arugam Bay. Other than surfing, this area offers the chance to explore isolated and unspoilt beaches, climb the sea-facing rock to view gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and, of course the opportunity to see wild elephants roaming nearby.
For those who enjoy long walks, it is lovely to walk along the 3km stretch from Elephant Rock to Crocodile Rock since you would get to see the extent of the beautiful beaches.

Peanut Farm Point: Peanut Farm location is another epic break south of Arugam Bay. This area has retained its name after the Tsunami in 2004 had affected all the peanut plantations. However, this area gained recognition for its surf breaks.
When the waves aren’t swelling, this little slice of heaven has relatively clear seas to swim in or if you want to relax, take a stroll or perhaps catch a glimpse of the bull elephant, this is the place to go.

Panama Point: Panama point is located at the furthest end of the Pottuvil – Panama Road. Panama point is a remote point which is set against a backdrop of large boulders. Since it is further away, it is less frequented by surfers of all levels. You can climb the rocks for wonderful views and from this point; the coast joins Yala National Park.